Cook up a storm at The Datai Langkawi’s cookery school

The Datai Langkawi is serving up a culinary experience dedicated to the old spice routes of Asia with The Dapur cooking school.

Guests who take part in this immersive activity will go on a gastronomy journey under the guidance of the resort’s team of Malay, Indian and Thai resident chefs. They will even get to pick ingredients from the wide variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the resort’s Permaculture Garden.

The Dapur (meaning kitchen in Malay) lets guests immerse in a gastronomy journey under the guidance of the resort’s resident chefs

They will then have a choice of curated two-course menus they will learn to prepare and cook up some of the resort’s signature dishes.

These include Malay dishes Kerabu Udang Kelapa Parut (Langkawi prawn salad tossed with fresh grated coconut, green island herbs and chilli paste) and Rendang Ayam Utara (slow-cooked chicken, lemongrass, galangal, roasted coconut, turmeric leaf and local spices); Thai specialities like a traditional Tom Yam Goong (spicy prawn soup), and Gai Phad Khing Sod (stir-fried chicken with young ginger and wood ear mushrooms); as well as Indian Chana Salad (chickpea salad) and Methi fish curry (Indian fish curry, fenugreek leaf, masala spices, tomato and cream).

Children are also invited to join the Little Chef class where they can learn baking techniques and make their own peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies, monkey muffins and profiteroles.

The Dapur is located within the resort’s authentic Malay restaurant The Gulai House, built in the traditional kampung house style.

For more information, visit The Datai Langkawi.

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