Princess Cruises presents new premium package

Princess Cruises introduces Princess Premier, a new premium add-on package, to South-east Asian markets.

For just US$75 (S$102) per person per day, the inclusive package builds on the popular Princess Plus add-on to offer a more comprehensive bundle and savings of more than 50 per cent when the amenities of Princess Premier are purchased separately.

Princess Cruises presents new premium package that includes beverages and specialty dining meals, and more

On sale from June 1, 2022 in South-east Asia for voyages globally departing on June 25 and beyond, Princess Premier includes a new beverage package, two specialty dining meals per person, digital downloads of all photos (and three prints) taken by professional staff onboard, unlimited Wi-Fi for up to four devices, and daily crew appreciation (previously known as gratuities).

Besides the Princess Premier, other packages available are the Princess Standard (included with cruise fare) and the Princess Plus (US$50 per day) cruise packages.

For more information, visit Princess Cruises.

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