Alma Resort crafts rare Back of House Tour

Vietnam’s Alma integrated resort has created a one-of-a-kind Back of House Tour that will answer guests’ burning questions about hotel operations that they were too shy to ask.

The rare insight will be offered once the integrated resort resumes operations after the country regains control over the latest Covid-19 flare-up.

The Back of House Tour will take participants into Alma’s water treatment plant and other facilities usually hidden from hotel guests

The tour will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday from 15.00.

Tour stops include the pastry room, staff canteen, engineering workshop, loading dock, laundry and uniform rooms, electric buggy station, generator station, air conditioner centralised plant, water treatment plant, and CCTV and fire panel room.

The experience will allow participants to appreciate some fascinating operational fast facts, such as the amount of laundry that is washed a week; the number of Danish pastries, croissants, bread rolls and muffins that are baked a week; the number of smoke detectors and sprinklers that are planted across the vast property; the weight of garbage that is processed a day; and the amount of drinkable water and ice that is produced every week via reverse osmosis.

For more information on the Back of House Tour, email

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