Air New Zealand serves up new inflight snacks

Air New Zealand (Air NZ) has introduced its new snack offerings onboard its domestic flights, following six-week-long trials ran across 100 flights and involving more than 7,000 customers.

Throughout the trials, the airline tested a range of things from trolley signage on Koru Hour flights, Grab & Go snack boxes in its lounges, and plenty of new food offerings.

Air New Zealand’s new inflight snack menu includes popcorn, crisps, muesli bars and chocolate

An array of snack products from New Zealand including popcorn, crisps, muesli bars and chocolate will be rotated on a monthly basis. But the airline assured customers that its popular inflight cookie and Air NZ lollies are here to stay.

Air NZ general manager customer Leeanne Langridge said the new inflight offerings will give customers the variety they desire.

She elaborated: “What we learnt throughout the trials was that our customers value variety and change throughout the day. Going forward, we’re going to be more time specific with what’s on offer – from danishes in the morning to antipasto in the evening – because we know a cookie at 06.00 isn’t for everyone. Having options for different dietary requirements is also a big trend so we’ve added more gluten-free options.

“On our shorter sectors, customers told us our food and beverage service felt rushed, so we’ve simplified our menu by removing tea and coffee on Koru Hour flights under 50 minutes.”

The airline said that it will work with innovative New Zealand companies to showcase other food products, and issued an invitation for local producers to get in touch with product recommendations.

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