Maldives works towards a fully vaccinated tourism sector

Maldives tightens coronavirus preventive measures by banning all tourists

Visit Maldives and the Ministry of Tourism have launched the ‘I’m Vaccinated’ campaign to highlight the destination’s progress in inoculating tourism workers against Covid-19 as well as intentions to achieve the same for the rest of the resident population in the upcoming months.

The campaign will include social media activities and a supporting microsite that details the number of vaccinated tourism staff and information regarding registration for vaccination of employees and the latest health and safety guidelines.

Maldives tourism leaders expect a fully vaccinated tourism sector to reassure travellers

Tourism leaders in the destination believe that a fully vaccinated tourism sector is instrumental in attracting tourists, alongside stringent health and safety measures and the Maldives’ unique geographical formation of the islands which offer natural physical distancing.

During the campaign launch on April 28, minister of state of the Ministry of Health, Shah Abdulla Mahir, stated that over 65 per cent of the eligible Maldivian population have received the vaccine and over 90 per cent of the eligible tourism industry is vaccinated.

He emphasised the importance of practicing health and safety measures regardless of the vaccination progress, and underlined the importance of achieving herd immunity.

The ‘I’m Vaccinated’ campaign will also seek to motivate facilities in the tourism industry to vaccinate their staff.

Maldives initiated the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine on February 1, and the government aims to provide free vaccination to all citizens and residents in the upcoming months.

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