Discova fixes holiday fashion faux pas with new travel clothing app

Discova has launched a travel clothing app that offers travellers personalised fashion recommendations, to help them avoid committing sartorial crimes while abroad.

Dubbed Travel Tailor, the DMC’s new app features an easy-to-use interface and a cheery, if not sassy, AI tailor. The app is intended to be white labelled and will be free to all Discova partners to roll out to their customers.

Andrew Turner, global director of sales at Discova, said: “Our partners trust us to deliver high-quality, tailor-made travel experiences so extending our offering to tailored fashion was a logical progression. When Covid forced our industry into hibernation, we got to work… After countless trials and ill-fitting samples, our Travel Tailor app is now ready for release. From budgie-smugglers to socks and sandals, we know that mistakes can be made when you travel, and we want to do our bit to help travellers stay the right side of good taste.”

After nearly a year of development and countless outfit changes, the Discova Travel Tailor app is poised to become the next essential travel companion. Refreshingly easy to use, travellers download the app to their mobile phone and then simply take a selfie. The cutting-edge AI technology gets to work straightaway, building a profile – complete with accurate measurements and the user’s perfect colour palette.

The user’s Discova tailor-made holiday itinerary information is uploaded to the device automatically. This allows a complex algorithm to trawl weather reports, climate history and even altitude information to best advise on appropriate laying options and dispense other fashion tips.

Users can access the app at any time during their travels for an update on their attire. The AI tailor will provide no-holds-barred commentary, leaving the user with the option to simply ignore the advice or click-through to the ‘Fitting Room’. This is a unique feature where the app comes into its own. Using the user’s profile and itinerary information, the app creates outfit options and then uses geolocation information to identify the nearest clothing stores where the outfit may be purchased.

Turner concluded: “We conducted extensive testing prior to launch, which raised some interesting questions about the dress sense of our testing team. However, having rolled out the app throughout the company, it’s safe to say that now, it’s not just our itineraries that look great!”

The Discova Travel Tailor app will be available exclusively to prioritised users on April 1.

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