A safe getaway awaits at the newly refurbished Mint Hotel

One Farrer Hotel has embarked on a S$2 million refurbishment exercise to provide optimal hygiene standards and reinvigorate the hospitality industry. The refurbishment entails the launch of the Mint Hotel; a redesign of most of its guestrooms, facilities, and processes with input from medical experts and the latest technology.

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The Mint Hotel is a room category that features cutting-edge materials and intelligent design principles. Under the advice of medical professionals from Farrer Park Hospital, all 176 rooms in the Mint Hotel come with anti-viral wallcoverings, moveable furniture and the use of anti-microbial blind fabrics to allow the guest rooms to be sanitized more thoroughly.

Furthermore, carpets have been removed from guestrooms and common areas and replaced with custom gapless vinyl flooring. This does not trap dirt and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. To evoke an openness to the space, earthen tones now adorn the walls and new mood lighting fixtures have been installed.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and one way to ensure positive vibes is to get good sleep. At the same time, hotel guests spend 6-10 hours per day resting on pillows, making it one of the highest touchpoints for the hotel. In a bid to enhance guests’ quality of sleep, while improving hygiene levels, One Farrer Hotel created the Pillow Lab.

The Pillow Lab, projected to launch in early 2021, uses an industry-leading Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Chamber to remove all pathogens, natural microbiota, moulds, and yeasts. One Farrer Hotel will also be making a range of hypoallergenic pillows available for guests to purchase at the Pillow Lab as well as at the hotel lobby. With the Pillow Lab at One Farrer Hotel, guests can be assured of a restful sleep with peace of mind.

In addition to the Mint Hotel and the Pillow Lab, other health and safety measures in place include contactless entry points and sanitizer stations throughout the premises, sterilization of key cards and in-room amenities with specialized UVC chests, sterilization of guestrooms and bathrooms with UVC lamps, safe distancing demarcations for events and common areas, as well as staggered check-in and check-out times.

In redefining its dining concept for the age of safe distancing, the hotel is also launching the Nest at One Farrer. To meet increasing demand for private dining experiences, the Nest at One Farrer offers discerning diners bespoke menus by the hotel’s award-winning culinary team as well as a retinue of world-renowned guest chefs – all while immersing themselves in lush ambience and panoramic views of the Singapore skyline.

For Mint Hotel bookings and enquiries, email us at reservations@onefarrer.com or call +65 6363 0101.

For Nest at One Farrer bookings and enquiries, email us at nest@onefarrer.com or call +65 6705 7828.

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