Local food heroes get a taste of the limelight


Planet Happiness, which tracks destination well-being, has teamed up with Taste of Happiness to create a video series spotlighting local culinary experts, in hopes of boosting food tourism when travel returns.

Through a series of 12-minute branded videos, Taste of Happiness will feature chefs, food and drink artisans, farmers and winemakers presenting destinations’ culinary crafts and traditional recipes. It will intertwine content with local culture and landscapes.

Planet Happiness’ new project with Taste of Happiness spotlights culinary heroes who bring happiness to the world through their labours of love

Each local food and drink story, told through the eyes of a local ‘hero’, will include reflections on what makes him or her and their local community happy.

Taleb Rifai, an ambassador for the WTTC, and global tourism advisor, said that the Taste of Happiness project is a timely recovery and sustainability tool for the global tourism industry. “The project is admirably consistent with Planet Happiness objectives as it promotes localisation, community inclusivity, and educates us in culinary heritage and conscious travel,” said the former head of the UNWTO.

Planet Happiness founder Paul Rogers added: “Taste of Happiness will be a powerful recovery vehicle for the local hospitality industries. It will give a sense of local pride to residents. And because we all relate to food, it will inspire viewers who are eager to travel again.”

Prospero Film & Media, based in Poland, which will be responsible for the film production has produced multiple documentaries and advertising spots on six continents as well as shows such as MasterChef Poland, MasterChef Junior Poland, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Model, House Hunters International and numerous travel and culinary programmes.

Brand Bridge, the company responsible for the digital launch of the project, will implement big data and AI tools to bring traffic and create digital marketing opportunities for Taste of Happiness partners.

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