Khiri Travel Myanmar restructuring underway

Khiri Travel Myanmar will be restructuring after its joint venture partner in Myanmar, Edwin Briels, decided to exit the partnership after nine years.

Since 2011, Khiri Travel Myanmar has been a joint venture between Briels, Aung Min Thein and Khiri Travel. Khiri Travel in Myanmar will now adjust internally, while continuing to provide a full range of DMC services in the country.

Khiri Travel Myanmar to undergo restructuring following Edwin Briels’ exit from the partnership 

Briels said that Covid was the catalyst for the decision. “I want to continue telling unique stories of Myanmar and creating experiences with niche products such as Lalay Lodge, biking adventures and others,” he said.

Prior to Covid, Khiri Travel Myanmar had more than 30 staff and handled over 3,000 visitors in 2019.

Khiri Travel CEO Herman Hoven said that the company would ensure that any bookings tour operators and clients have with Khiri will be fulfilled, or postponed due to Covid without cost penalty, if needed.

“Khiri Travel Myanmar is very much open, ready and looking forward to once again delivering signature Myanmar experiences to travellers when international travel returns,” said Hoven, adding that the DMC will continue to work with Briels on ad-hoc projects.

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