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Located on the northeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, Gangwon province cuts a pretty picture of distinct natural scenery with the majority of its landmass bathed in mountains and forests. It comes as no surprise; the destination attracts a steady stream of wellness and outdoor enthusiasts seeking respite from bustling metropolitan cities

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Yearning to take off on the next incentive trip or team building exercise as working from home takes a toll on physical and mental health?

In assisting planners for the next corporate getaway – be it to connect with one’s inner soul or embarking on an exhilarating adventure in the great outdoors – Gangwon Provincial Office presents a selection of retreats and activities that allow guests to rediscover themselves, and emerge refreshed.

Park Roche Resort & Wellness

Located in Jeongseon, Park Roche Resort & Wellness is located in a village named ‘Sugam’ – where a protagonist is said to have fallen into deep sleep on a rock – resonates with the resort’s unique selling point in recharging the body and mind through deep sleep.

Sugam Lab, a collaboration between the resort and Ace Bed R&D Institute, matches body type measurements to individual bedding for a guest’s duration of stay. Body composition and stress level measurements are then used to recommend personalised wellness programmes and outcomes analysed with a scientific approach.

Wellness programmes are also divided into three themes, starting from improving one’s daily habits, to reigniting passion and motivation, to revolutionary mediation techniques. Guests are also encouraged to participate in activities that calm their mind; for instance, painting stone or patterning mandala, practicing calligraphy and making herbarium.

Donghae Mureung Health Forest

A forest where no one would object losing themselves in, guests traverse a skywalk-type bridge to access this sanctuary; while soaking up sweeping views of the Mureung Valley, a must-see destination for its commanding scenery.

As South Korea has an established sauna culture, the highlight in visiting Donghae Mureung Health Forest would be to experience its themed alternative offerings featuring local produce (e.g. Salt Cave), and Oxygen Healing Room equipped with round-the-clock oxygen generators.

Guests may also choose from a variety of single-day or overnight (of up to 4) programmes. While single-day programmes lean more to craft making, overnight programmes can accommodate from 2 – 8 pax. Sit back and enjoy the views of the beautiful lake garden, sign up for healing or detoxing programmes led by well-trained instructors, or visit the Oseonnyeotang Outdoor Pool, which draws water from the Mureung Valley, in summer.

Yangyang Surfyy Beach

Blessed with a geographically coastal location, it’s surf’s up at South Korea’s first private beach for surfers located in Yangyang’s Hajodae beach.

There is something for everyone here, from surfing lessons to sussing out local produce at the traditional Yangyang Market – taking place every five days – get there early to beat the snaking queue for the stall peddling fish cake boiled in red crab broth.

For visitors who seek some zen from the hipster vibe, go to Naksana Temple, one of the few Buddhist monasteries overlooking the east coast and experience a variety of temple stay programmes such as Dadam (dialogues over a cup of tea) with monks.

Chuncheon Chosunilbo Marathon

Chuncheon Chosunilbo Marathon is nicknamed Legend of Autumn for taking runners on a scenic route

The 2nd oldest marathon in Korea held every October coincides with the autumn season. Organise a team run to take in scenic Chuncheon; as the marathon course – adorned in maple leaves – meanders along captivating views of Soyanggang River, Lake Soyang and Lake Uiam. Half, full and 10km courses are available.

Having come to the capital city of Gangwon, bond at Soyanggang Skywalk, an observatory facility set over Uiamho Lake. The 156m walking path made of transparent glass offers visitors a thrilling experience as if they were walking on the lake.

For more information on other destinations and activities in Gangwon, email Nuri Kim, tourism marketing manager, Gangwon Tourism Kuala Lumpur Office at


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