Avis car rental unveils subscription service

Avis has launched a car rental subscription service called Avis Flex in Singapore, providing users with flexible, longer-term rental solutions.

The service allows customers to rent a car for a minimum of 28 days up to a maximum of 11 months. Customers are not required to pay any upfront costs nor sign any long-term agreements, and can swap cars thrice over the 11-month loan period.

Avis now offers subscription options, ranging from 28 days to 11 months

The monthly fee covers all running costs like maintenance, servicing and replacement of tyres. Included also is basic coverage, such as basic collision damage waiver and theft protection, along with 24/7 mechanical breakdown assistance.

Tom Mooney, managing director, Pacific, Avis Budget Group, said: “From Avis Budget Group’s future of mobility research in 2019, we found that 73 per cent of residents in Singapore would consider giving up car ownership and rely on long-term car rental if it was convenient and easy for them, ranking second among 16 countries in Europe and Asia surveyed.

“Now with the uncertainty from the coronavirus, we are expecting even more people to look into rental solutions as a private and flexible transport alternative.”

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