Malaysia eases restrictions on medical, education tourism

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 06 2020: Airport medical staff detect incoming passengers body temperature with thermal camera equipment prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreaks

Malaysia will partially reopen its borders to allow medical tourists to enter the country, while permitting its citizens to leave the country for medical, education or other specific purposes.

Foreigners seeking medical treatment in the country will need to register with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council and undergo a Covid-19 screening test in their home country ahead of their arrival in Malaysia.

Malaysia will now allow medical tourists to enter the country; airport staff scanning arriving passengers for fever using thermal imaging in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pictured

“Those entering under medical tourism need not undergo quarantine as they will be taken directly to the hospitals of their choice,” said senior minister (security cluster), Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Similarly, Malaysians who need to travel abroad for medical, emergency or specific purposes can now do so without seeking prior approval from the immigration authorities.

In addition, international students at private and public institutions of higher learning as well as international schools in Malaysia are now allowed to return to the country to resume their studies. However, they would need to register with the Education Ministry or the Higher Education Ministry. They can choose to either undergo the Covid-19 screening in their own countries or upon arrival in Malaysia.

Similarly, Malaysians who need to travel abroad for study purposes must produce letters to prove that they need to go overseas to continue their studies or sit for exams before departing the country.

As well, Malaysians with foreign spouses and non-Malaysian children can now apply for the passes from the Immigration Department before entering Malaysia.

The government will also allow expatriates under the employment pass category one, as well as holders of professional visit and resident pass talent passes to enter the country. But they must undergo Covid-19 swab tests either at their home countries or as soon as they enter Malaysia.

Ismail Sabri said that if their test results is negative, they need not undergo the mandatory 14-day home quarantine if they are from countries that have been classified by Malaysia as Covid-19 green zones. However, those travelling from countries in the red zone will need to undergo the 14-day compulsory home quarantine. The Health Ministry is still fine-tuning the list of countries that could be listed as green zone countries.

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