Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui brings wellness retreats online

In celebration of Global Wellness Day on June 13, Thailand’s Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui will be hosting a range of virtual healing and mindful experiences conducted by its well-being experts and visiting masters.

The online series, which will be broadcast on the resort’s Instagram page, will offer a range of experiences, from wellness cooking to mindfulness sessions with visiting practitioners.

Homebound travellers can take part in Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui’s Wellbeing Therapy virtual session on June 13, as part of a series of virtual experiences hosted by the resort

“We wanted to share some simple and easy-to-follow experiences that can become a part of (one’s) daily routine, while staying at home,” explained Kotchaphan Mekloy, spa manager.

Helmed by holistic health practitioner Carol Kandell, the Art of Mindfulness session will focus on conscious awareness of thoughts and words.

“It utilises Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. We all complain, but just how often, we may not realise. Complaining, gossiping and criticising are destructive to not only our relationships with others, but also to the very cells in our bodies. These unconscious habits lead to both physical and emotional breakdowns,” she explained.

During this 60-minute workshop, participants will discuss the reason people complain and how to lovingly counteract these habits of speech.

In the virtual Wellbeing Therapy session, resident therapist Sakol Chotchuang will help guests quickly and efficiently revitalise energy levels. “There are times when you feel the need for an instant ‘pick me up.’ This series of stretches will help promote circulation, increase blood flow to the muscles and improve overall health.”

Elsewhere, spa supervisor Rattanapron Morkmeung will share tips on a homemade guava and lime zest scrub that will transport participants to experience the island life.

Bringing focus to the resort’s menus featuring ocean-fresh seafood, chef Ivo Benidio will demonstrate a simple and healthy recipe using fresh catch, while Jon Curiel, director of restaurants, brings his expertise in beverages to share his favourite health shot.

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