Marriott sets up Global Cleanliness Council

Marriott International has established the Marriott Global Cleanliness Council to advance the company and its properties’ health and safety standards amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chaired by Ray Bennett, chief global officer-global operations, Marriott International, the Council will develop a new level of international hospitality cleanliness standards and norms designed to promote the safety of consumers and Marriott employees.

Marriott Global Cleanliness Council’s work will be back by scientific advice and expert guidance

Bennett emphasised that the Council’s efforts will be backed by scientific advice, and would involve a holistic response framework beyond just disinfecting hotels.

The Council will receive inputs from company leaders with expertise in housekeeping, food safety, occupational health and staff well-being.

Additionally, external experts such as Micheal Sauri, infectious disease specialist, Adventist Healthcare, and Ruth Petran, senior corporate scientist-food safety and public health, EcoLab, will advise the Council.

Over the next few months, Marriott will also employ enhanced technology to prevent the spread of the virus at its properties.

Electrostatic spraying will be used to rapidly clean hotel areas such as guest rooms, gyms and public areas. The technology is said to use the highest tier of disinfectants advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in dealing with known pathogens.

The group is also testing out the use of ultraviolet light technology to sanitise guest keys and devices carried by employees.

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