Pattaya hotels, nightclubs pitch in to fight Covid-19

Amid the unfolding pandemic that has forced the closure of hotels, bars, nightclubs and all entertainment venues in Pattaya and adjacent Chonburi province, a number of hoteliers and entertainment venue operators in Pattaya are putting their premises to good use during this closure period.

Usually occupied by the now absent Indian and Russian guests, Grand Bella Hotel has been proposed by Pattaya’s Committee for the Surveillance and Prevention of Covid-19 to serve as a temporary medical shelter for people being monitored for the virus’ symptoms.

Grand Bella Hotel Pattaya may be used as a temporary accommodation for suspected Covid-19 patients

If green-lit, the measure would physically separate those awaiting their Covid-19 test results or being monitored for signs of illness, from regular patients in hospitals across Pattaya City and the surrounding Chonburi province.

According to Morrakot Kuldilok, group director of Bella Villas Hotels, Grand Bella’s operator which runs seven properties in Pattaya, the hotel may also serve as a field hospital for Covid-19 patients.

Morrakot told Thai daily Kom Chad Luek: “Since we don’t have any guests at the moment, I think we should use the hotel for public benefit. We will be responsible for all incurred expenses, including utilities and food… We would like to make a small contribution to society and help contain the outbreak and reduce the number of infections.

“If we all work together to contain the outbreak, for example, by staying home and reporting useful information like in Wuhan, I believe the situation will improve or end within two to three months.”

Located in Central Pattaya, Grand Bella boasts three buildings and a total of 360 rooms. Some 140 rooms in one of the buildings may be converted into a field hospital, once their readiness has been verified by a medical team and approved by the Chonburi governor. Earlier this week, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital also announced its willingness to contribute the necessary medical supplies and other equipment.

Last month, Differ, one of Pattaya’s most popular nightclubs, served as a community kitchen providing free dinner boxes for up to 1,300 people every evening.

As of April 3, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Chonburi province, including Pattaya, stood at 61. – Additional reporting by Anne Somanas 

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