Sri Sutra Travel to debut new online booking platforms for multiple parties

Malaysia-based Sri Sutra Travel is set to launch this May a series of booking platforms aimed to help government bodies, corporate organisations, commercial businesses and travel trade in their travel product acquisition.

Known as GovBizTravel, CorporateBizTravel, SMEBizTravel and B2BTravelSolutions respectively, these platforms will utilise a cutting edge travel solution powered by TravelCompute, which is Sutra Group’s in-house one-stop travel technology solution provider.

Syed: all platforms sit on one system, which makes navigation easy for users

The B2BTravelSolution platform acts as a ‘travel office box’ on a platform for the travel trade. A user will be able to use the platform for airline ticketing, hotel reservations, tour package purchases as well as all other related travel arrangements. Included within the platform is a user-friendly back office system.

The GovBizTravel booking platform will cater solely to government ministries and authorities, and will make available three payment options for users – via warrant, local order or credit card.

The CorporateBizTravel platform and the SMEBizTravel platform have basic features of an online booking engine where users are able to book and purchase air tickets, hotel stays, airport transfers, car rental and ancillary services such as visas, baggage insurance and travel insurance among others, all on a single platform without leaving the booking page.

The CorporateBizTravel platform, however, will boast extended features such as traveller profiling, travel approvals, travel policies and detailed analytics and reporting.

Syed Razif Al-Yahya, group managing director and CEO at Sutra Group of Companies, shared: “These platforms are uniquely different in comparison to what is out there, as all required travel arrangements are solely created within one (system). The user does not need to navigate to other platforms (which reduces) confusion and delays.”

The platform itself is a creation of Octraves Technology, which is within the SUTRA Group of Companies, built in-house and is managed by its chief architect and engineers.

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