Khiri Travel rolls out multi-gen tours across SE Asia

Khiri Travel has unveiled a host of flexible multi-generation tour options across seven destinations in South-east Asia offering a variety of experiences for parents, children and grandparents travelling together.

The seven itineraries range from six to 12 days in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Khiri Travel launches new itineraries for multi-generational holidays offering an array of experiences, from culinary to canoeing activities

Khiri has produced brochures that allow travellers greater flexibility to customise their travels. The Thailand one, for instance, gives guests the choice between the beach destinations of Krabi or Khao Lak, or the national park of Khao Sok.

There are maps, “at-a-glance” highlights and symbols to show which activities are suitable for all three generations. The trips have options for parents and kids to, for example, ride e-bikes, while grandparents visit a museum or relax with a drink.

Khiri Travel CEO Herman Hoven said: “We’ve designed the vast majority of the 3G itineraries to be flexible, varied and inclusive. Families can gear up or down as they please.”

On the transport side, families can experience travel by bicycle, longtail boat, 4×4, train, tuk-tuk, plane, private car, or even a US army jeep in Vietnam.

Khiri also offers signature experiences such as meetings with Balinese royalty, tea planters and dance instructors in Sri Lanka, chefs and artists, and with a family in Vietnam who have been living in the same house for 18 generations.

Other attractions in the itineraries include Angkor Wat in Cambodia; the Grand Palace, Chinatown and Thonburi klongs (canals) in Bangkok; as well as the Buddhist cave-temple complexes of Sri Lanka.

The trip also includes a visit to an elephant rehabilitation camp, as well as a photo shoot for all three generations in Cambodia as a family memento.

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