Miki Travel expresses appreciation to Philippine travel agents

Miki Travel’s Asia Division recently treated its Philippine travel agents to a dinner and dance party, as a show of appreciation to local partners for contributing to the 30.6 per cent increase in the turnover of its Asian operations and 48.2 per cent increase in its e-business in 2018.

Miki Travel recently held a dinner and dance to show appreciation for their Philippine travel agents. Miki Travel’s team members present at the D&D were (from left) Katherine Lupisan, Cindy Bartolome, Sharon Soon, Moeschler, Maria Chan and James Timms

Olivier Moeschler, CEO Asia Division at Miki Travel, reported that in 2018, the Japan-based DMC opened new offices in Seoul, India, the US and Canada. With a network of 24 European destinations, he said Miki Travel will continue to expand its European offerings to include the Balkans (including Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia), a large region that has yet to be explored and commercialised.

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