Avenue of Stars lighting up HK’s Victoria Harbourfront again

Bruce Lee statue

After three years of construction, Hong Kong’s waterfront Avenue of Stars (AoS) has reopened with new features including electricity generation by wave energy.

Funded by New World Development’s AOS Management Company, AoS is the result of close co-operation between Adrian Cheng, executive vice-chairman and general manager of New World Development, New York High Line architect James Corner and other famed designers.

The 457m-long promenade first opened in 1982, and in 2004, it was named the AoS and modelled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The revitalised AoS continues to offer views of the skyline and Victoria Harbour with new highlights.

This is the first pilot site in Hong Kong to generate electricity by wave energy; it will be used for demonstration and education purposes.

Sustainable materials include a durable, bio-based wood substitute used for the handrails and seats; recycled glass, which makes up 30% of the flooring; and light-coloured paving materials to reflect more sunlight and reduce the heat island effect.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s market stalls, Harbour Kiosk, designed by LAAB, automatically transforms its “gate” into an “awning” during the day and returns to its compact shape at night.

A special lighting system by Speirs & Majors is concealed inside the cladding, illuminating the water flowing beneath the pedestrian deck after dark.

Displayed on the wooden handrails are 117 famous handprints for convenient photo opportunities.

Visitors can scan QR codes on the handprints and four statues – Anita Mui, Bruce Lee, a replica of the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette, and McDull – to access the artists’ biographies and clips from their films. They can also take photos with the statues using augmented reality technology.

The attraction now also features multifunctional LED lampposts that include Wi-Fi and mobile signals for visitors.

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