EU Holidays looks to net high-value clients from new address

EU Holidays' new service centre at Suntec City

Singapore’s EU Holidays, which moved to a larger space in Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre earlier this month, is looking to capture more high-value customers including PMETs.

“With the current major competition from online players, expanding as a traditional travel agency with this physical space is a very bold move,” expressed Ong Han Jie, managing director of EU Asia, the regional travel arm of EU Holidays.

EU Holidays’ new service centre at Suntec City

The relocation was cemented after a series of client surveys conducted last year showed “that we have a steady flow of regular customers”, explained Ong.

It is also in line with the agency’s move towards the higher-end segments – both by allocating space for greater comfort and better service, and by placing itself in proximity to PMETs and corporate clients.

Ong elaborated: “We’re coming here to a different league. Suntec sees more PMETs, so we must grow in our service level to match higher expectations of service. At Suntec, we should have enough space to grow our staff strength as well.”

“There’s been a rise in demand for customisable tours. People who can pay, and large groups like a family of eight, want something that’s customised to their own liking, and they want to be served in a VIP room.

“With the lounge, we will be able to serve them in a closed-door room with sofa seats and WMF coffee, letting them feel like they are already taken care of before the tour,” he said.

From its new location, EU MICE will also be able to gain exposure and access to potential corporate clients in the area, whose banks are situated nearby.

The new centre, named EU Travel Expo, is more than double the size of its previous centre at Chinatown Point. The 1,022m2 space comprises service counters each specialising in a destination region, tour packages or cruise products; a private coffee and reading lounge; a conference room sitting up to 100; a briefing room with a capacity of 35 seats; as well as EU Holidays’ corporate office.

The conference room is supported by Genting Cruise Lines, and the smaller briefing room is supported by Europamundo. These are used for pre-tour briefings, as well as events or training sessions.

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