Chiva-Som reopens after a six-month overhaul

Wellness destination Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, has reopened after a six-month closure, after completing the third of four stages of the resort’s first major renovation since it opened 23 years ago.

The latest aesthetic and hardware developments comprise a complete overhaul of the Thai Pavilions, Emerald Room, Orchid Lounge, Library, Fitness Centre and Niranlada Medi-Spa. Changes include a new look created with materials such as local sustainable teak, silk and bamboo.

The Fitness Centre has also increased in size to incorporate a larger gym area and a separate stretching space with an array of new cardio equipment, functional and non-functional training equipment, as well as a private training room and two fully renovated Dance and Pilates Studios.

In addition, a new room category, the Thai Pavilion Suite, features an outdoor pantry and its own outdoor private glass-walled sala, a private space for around six guests set amid gardens and is suitable for private meals or meditation.

The Kinesis Room has been renamed the Re-functional Studio, home to a private Neurac Room, Functional Assessment room and boasting brand new equipment including a Biodex 4 Pro Isokinetic Dynamometer to help with rehabilitation, leg mobility and balance, as well as preparing the body for more strenuous exercise. Further additions are the Queenax functional training equipment; a suspended body weight training system and an Electrical Muscle Stimulation system (Vision Body) to help reduce exercise-induced joint damage and aid recovery.

Chiva-Som’s Total Golf Enhancement retreat has launched as well, aimed at developing guests’ overall game. This new retreat is suitable for players of all levels and provides expertise in specialist areas, such as golf fitness training and golf biomechanics. In addition to golf-specific inclusions, guests will also enjoy related treatments in essential areas, such as post-game muscle recovery, relaxation and skincare. Improvement will be assessed by the included round(s) of golf with an in-house accredited professionals, played at one of Hua Hin’s leading courses.

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