Scoot to relocate to Changi Airport’s T1 next year

Scoot operations will be relocated from Terminal 2 (T2) to Terminal 1 (T1) of Singapore Changi Airport come 4Q2019 in anticipation of the LCC’s projected double-digit annual growth over the next three years.

Lee Lik Hsin, Scoot’s CEO, said: “The move to T1 will be beneficial for several reasons, chief of which being that it will allow us to continue serving our growing customer base and meet their needs for a fast and fuss-free pre-flight experience.”

The LCC to relocate to T1, where upgrading works are underway

Managing director of airport operations management at Changi Airport Group (CAG), Jayson Goh, shared: “CAG periodically reviews the allocation of airlines across all terminals to provide sufficient terminal capacity for future traffic growth.”

Changi Airport has been undertaking upgrading works to expand the passenger handling capacity of T1, with the project expected to be fully completed in 2019.

In the T1 departure hall, refurbishment work has just been completed. The upgraded facility features a central Fast and Seamless Travel Zone where passengers can check in and drop off their bags at the self-service automated machines.

Meanwhile, its baggage claim hall is being expanded to incorporate more baggage claim belts to serve more arriving flights.

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