TAT intensifies courtship of regional travellers in 4Q

Young asian woman traveler visiting in Maeklong railway market is the most famous traditional traditional market unseen in Thailand at Maeklong district in Samut Songkhram near Bangkok Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is now aggressively courting South-east Asian travellers with its latest partnership with a trio of airlines in the region plugging ‘mega deals’.

TAT has teamed up with AirAsia, Bangkok Airways and VietJet Air to launch promotions under the Mega Deal to Thailand… Travel Is a Big Deal, which aims to lure travel South-east Asian countries in 4Q with special price tickets from the three airlines.

Young Asian woman visiting the Maeklong Train Market located just outside of Bangkok

In a press release, TAT identified Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos as the key targets in this campaign.

According to TAT, foreign tourists visiting Thailand increased 11 per cent, or around two million tourists, compared to the previous year. The three most visited South-east Asian countries to Thailand are Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam, totalling over 5.6 million tourists.

AirAsia expects the campaign will stimulate travellers especially from ASEAN countries to experience Thailand in more variety, which is in line with this year TAT’s main Open to the New Shades campaign.

Beyond helping to boost South-east Asian traffic into Thailand, Bangkok Airways says the promotion could support TAT’s promotion of secondary cities.

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