HotelQuickly adds tours and activities through new partnerships

Hotel booking website and smartphone app HotelQuickly has partnered with online travel-sharing community, travelbook, and online activities booking platform, eOasia.

These partnerships will enable HotelQuickly to create a platform for travellers to book discounted hotels and resorts worldwide, plan their trip and share their personalised travel experiences.

The current HotelQuickly website

HotelQuickly will be investing a substantial amount to upgrade its technological infrastructure, including a new website and mobile application.

CEO and Shareholder of eOasia, Elodie Badoual, said in a statement: “Travel is much broader than where you stay and eOasia adds another level to the HotelQuickly experience by highlighting individual destinations through tours and activities within Asia, while HotelQuickly unlocks discount stays so that travellers can spend more during their trip.”

Founder of travelbook, Dean Kelly, added that travel-sharing community will offer a dedicated space online for travellers to connect with each other too.

HotelQuickly’s founder and CEO Jérôme Clé now serves as the executive chairman of HotelQuickly, eOasia and travelbook.

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