Asia’s best and worst cities for airport transfers: Klook

Klook has revealed the Asian cities with fastest and slowest airport-to-city journeys.

Siem Reap was found to provide the fastest journey (26 mins) from airport to city centre, while the trip from Tokyo-Narita takes the longest – almost two hours (100 mins).

Siem Reap International Airport

Meanwhile, Klook says journeys from Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Hong Kong airports are most efficient, averaging less than one minute per kilometre.

Car and bus traffic is slowest (from five to 10 minutes per kilometre) when traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, Cebu and Manila to the city.

The travel services booking platform researched 20 major cities across the region, timing each route in-person on a Friday evening during rush hour. It then evaluated the fastest method of transit in each destination — be it taxi, private car transfer, train, bus, or train — as well as distance, time and roadblocks along the way.

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