GOeureka wants to use blockchain to benefit hotels


In an OTA dominant age, blockchain hotel booking platform GOeureka has big plans to “create a symbiosis where hotels maintain control over their brand while unlocking value for consumers on its platform”, according to CEO Manraj Rai.

“We provide an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers to directly engage and transact with each other, removing the inequitable commissions to OTAs that ultimately decrease hotels’ margins and increase consumer prices,” said Rai.

GOEureka wants to be the new disruptor in hotel bookings with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Using blockchain technology, the soon-to-ICO GOeureka hopes to benefit hotels and customers by introducing commission-free bookings, accepting payment through cryptocurrencies that are devoid of merchant fees, and transforming traditional brand loyalty programmes.

Currently in the works at GOeureka are a re-booking function that helps customers secure lowest rates even after their initial booking as well as an interoperable loyalty programme.

“We are introducing a patent-pending Re-Booking function for customers to obtain the best value for rooms. When the hotel rate drops, the Re-Booking feature will automatically detect and rebook an existing booking at the lower rate,” Rai elaborated.

The company is also proposing an inter-operable loyalty programme that promotes the hotel’s own loyalty rewards programme with the option to convert hotel loyalty points into GO Credits that can be used on the platform.

“For consumers who subscribe to multiple loyalty programmes, GO’s solution could facilitate instant redemptions and exchange for multiple loyalty point currencies on a single platform,” Rai explained.

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