All Indonesian airlines taken off EU blacklist after safety boost

Europe lifts blacklist on Indonesian carriers; state-owned Garuda Indonesia at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The EU has removed all Indonesian carriers from its air safety blacklist following improvements in their air safety.

All Indonesian carriers were put on the EU air safety blacklist in 2007 over safety concerns but only seven were removed in recent years. This latest move sees more than 50 Indonesian companies taken off the list.

Europe lifts blacklist on all Indonesian carriers; Batik Air was removed from the EU ban much earlier

A total of 119 airlines remain banned in the 28-nation EU.

Not all banned carriers fly to Europe but blacklisting them has been a strong business incentive for companies to improve their standards and for countries to boost aviation safety, according to the EU.

The commission has also deployed a new warning system to prevent unsafe aircraft from entering the bloc without a valid safety authorisation.

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