Le Bokor Palace Opening 2018

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Le Bokor Palace Opening 2018
A luxurious and historical Hotel since 1920s is renovated for re-opening

Le Bokor Palace is a luxurious and historical hotel since 1920s situated on cliff at the top of Bokor Mountain, Kampot Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. The hotel offers breathtaking view of mountain and coastline, as known as the health resort that offers natural treatment to visitors.
Because of its cool climate and fresh air, it contributes and promotes blood regeneration, lungs, heart, breathing, nutrition, nervous system, regain strength and health. Source: from Dr Vallet, Director of Cambodia’s Health Service, 1925

Le Bokor Palace located between the tropical forest and the “Opal Coast” on Preah Monivong Bokor National Park, nearby Kampot Province and was first inaugurated on 14 February 1925 to host royalty and elites for decades. The hotel was revived in the early 1962 by Preah Karuna Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, and served members of high-ranking officials, governments and wealthy business people, and it used to be Preah Karuna Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk’s favorite retreat vacation.
Perched on a cliff at the top of Bokor Mountain, this historical hotel commands breathtaking views of what the French once called the Opal Coast. The weather on top of Bokor Mountain ranges between 17 °C – 24 °C (62.6 °F – 75.2 °F) for whole year round. Bokor Mountain is not just tourist destination for traveler, but also a health resort with natural health treatment that effects on lung, breathe, nutrition, nervous system, enable blood regeneration, and regain strength (Source: from Dr Vallet, Director of Cambodia’s Health Service, 1925).

Le Bokor Palace is four-storied building, toughly and neatly designed, has a powerful presence, embellished with decks and Italian-style pergolas.
Today, Le Bokor Palace is restoring by Sokha Hotels & Resorts. Designed of French style to keep its original feature and size, guests can embrace a luxurious staying experience at the historical hotel of Le Bokor Palace. The hotel brings out 5 room types, featuring Thansur Room, Bokor Suite, Sokha Suite, Thansur Suite, and Palace suite ranging from 18.5 to 90 square meters. Each rooms and suites are well-equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, Spain tiles, Italian bathroom equipment, handmade wooden furniture, comfortable mattress with luxury wooden bed (Single bed or King bed), and velvety sofa. A glance through window, guest can get a glimpse of stunning mountain and magnificent panoramic views of the “Opal Coast”.

Its 2 restaurants offer fine-dining and all-day dining exclusively featuring the old menu that was used since Le Bokor Palace first opening in 1925. The dishes are made of fresh and high quality ingredients together with organic vegetables from Bokor Hydroponics Farm nearby to bring out the best flavor. Embellished with stylish lighting and elegant interior décor, these two restaurants offer a great dining experience in sophisticate atmosphere.

While staying at Le Bokor Palace known as nature health resort, guests can also visit the spectacular of Mountain Lake, beautiful Popokvil waterfall, Rock formation various shapes of rocks at 100 rice field and a unique shape of rock symbolize a gate between heaven and earth. Meditation is recommended on Bokor Mountain especially at 500 rice fields. Bokor Mountain is the only place in Cambodia that has Nepenthes flowers, the local use the flowers for medicine.
The remains of the colonial settlement – which included Catholic Church, Wat Sampov Pram, Domnak Sla Kmao, Damnak Sdech, City Hall and other colonial buildings – can still be seen today, spread out across a plateau and often shrouded in mist.
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About Le Bokor Palace

Le Bokor Palace includes 36 luxurious rooms and suites. Its two restaurants capture the elegance of the hotel’s historic past, with Swiss and Cambodian chefs are preparing both 100 year of renascence menu and Royal Khmer cuisine with freshest organic vegetables and ingredient that grown nearby organic farm.

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