Hotel booking portal dangles zero commission offer

Online travel booking engine Traveliko, which was launched in early 2017 to offer a flat 10 per cent commission rate for hotels, is now touting a zero commission model.

This zero commission policy will enable hotels to “challenge” and “break away from the burden of high commissions charged by dominant OTAs”, Traveliko stated in a press release.

World’s first zero commission booking engine is set to challenge global online travel giants

Yann Gouriou, Traveliko’s co-founder and COO, commented: “We work directly with hotels to guarantee the best available rate, and we have replaced commissions with a subscription model that provides hotels with a free listing for up to 100 bookings per month, supplemented by a range of premium options for a modest fee.”

Bjorn Harvold, traveliko’s co-founder and chief technical officer, elaborated: “Our zero commission policy means hotel owners and management companies now have access to an efficient high-value booking solution. The more hotels that come on board, the stronger Traveliko becomes, and the closer we get to fixing the industry,”

Traveliko is also in the midst of creating an intelligent payment platform using blockchain technology to facilitate faster, easier and lower-cost money transfers.

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