SHATEC lends support to hospitality training in Papua New Guinea

The Singapore Hotel Association Training and Education Centre (SHATEC) Global and Papua New Guinea’s Coral Sea Hotels have entered a collaboration to train local executives and senior management staff in undertaking upper management roles.

This comes in light of concerns about a lack of proper training and mentoring programmes in Papua New Guinea burgeoning hospitality scene, explained Marc Ehler, group general manager, Coral Sea Hotels Papua New Guinea.

Trainers at SHATEC Global will be imparting supervisory knowledge to Coral Sea Hotels’ staff over six modules

“The expertise of SHATEC Global will be a big contributor to developing and helping our managers deliver better guest services and commercial results in hotel management,” said Ehler.

The Coral Sea Hotels Hospitality College, which will engage institutions like SHATEC Global, has since been established with the “objective to develop, encourage and motivate nationals on a professional level to take up senior management positions, which is missing today”, said Ehler.

The six-module course begins on April 23, and will be conducted monthly for three days consecutively by trainers from SHATEC Global. Priorities in the blueprint include chef and supervisory training.

The collaboration is believed to have an impact that extends into building Papua New Guinea’s viability as a tourist destination.

Ehler said: “This can develop into a bigger issue (of significance) over time, where Singapore – with such great experience in the business of leisure tourism – can provide what Papua New Guinea really needs.

“Today, Papua New Guinea only looks at Australia (for tourism and guidance), instead of looking north to Singapore and Asia altogether. This is a good step, via SHATEC Global, to explore opportunities for wider reach and cooperation with Asia.”

Papua New Guinea is in November hosting its largest and most historical conference, the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which will also hold organisational meetings through the year.

“We want to help local leadership come up and be at the forefront, which is what is happening in Singapore now – more and more locals are heading our hotels,” said Victor Seah, divisional director (business development), SHATEC Global.

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