Tuzki, Cartoon Network characters bound for Six Flags in China

Rendering of the upcoming Six Flags in Zhejiang

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, Riverside Investment Group and Turner Asia Pacific, are joining hands to bring Turner’s original, branded experiences to Six Flags parks throughout China.

The first addition is a dark ride themed after Tuzki, a Turner-owned rabbit IP that has become a household name in China, with millions of Tuzki emoticons exchanged through instant messaging apps each day.

The ride will join attractions at Six Flags Zhejiang and Six Flags Chongqing, scheduled to open in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Rendering of the upcoming Six Flags in Zhejiang

Ricky Ow, president of Turner Asia Pacific, said: “This is the first time Tuzki’s loyal fans will be able to experience their favourite emoticon in such a tangible and authentic way.”

In addition to the ride, both parks will also feature Tuzki theming and new retail locations offering branded merchandise.

The agreement between Turner and Riverside Investment Group also allows for other Turner-owned IP from Cartoon Network’s portfolio of characters and shows to be featured inside Six Flags Kids World. The family-friendly park will be built adjacent to both Six Flags Zhejiang and Six Flags Chongqing.

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