Top hotel booking channels for Thailand in 2017

A mix of B2B and B2C channels made the top 15

Research by global hotel cloud platform SiteMinder has unveiled that the top 15 booking channels that generated the highest revenue for Thailand hotels in 2017 spanned a wide distribution spectrum.

The lists are based on the 72 million hotel reservations that passed through SiteMinder’s channel management solution during the year to produce US$21.5 billion in gross revenue for the company’s 28,000 hotel customers around the world.

A mix of B2B and B2C channels made the top 15

The presence of both B2B and B2C platforms among the top-performing booking channels reaffirms the value of having a diversified hotel distribution strategy, stated SiteMinder’s managing director Mike Ford.

“These lists are testament to the incredible, material impact that a broad distribution strategy, which caters to a diverse business mix from various feeder markets, can have on a hotel’s bottom line,” commented Ford.

“They also prove the enormous – and growing – value of direct and corporate bookings, with hotel websites and GDSs featuring in almost every list this year. Additionally, we see that hotels continue to look to the wholesaler sector as an important provider of guests, with a number of the world’s leading bed banks featuring in every list globally.”

Notably, Ctrip has climbed one spot this year, showing the growing appeal of Thailand to Chinese travellers, pointed out Glenn Andrews, managing director – Asia at SiteMinder.

Meanwhile, Rakuten made its debut appearance on the list, a reflection of the growing value of Japanese travellers to the Thai hotel market, he added.

Thailand’s top 15 booking channels collectively contributed 87 per cent of all revenue that passed through SiteMinder’s channel manager for hotels in the country in 2017, proving their effectiveness in attracting, reaching and converting today’s consumer.

The top 15 revenue-generating booking channels for hotels in Thailand were:
2. Expedia
3. Agoda
4. Hotel websites (direct bookings)
5. GTA
6. Hotelbeds
7. Ctrip
8. Fusion Holidays
9. Traveloka
10. HotelTravel
11. Rakuten
12. Hostelworld Group
13. Flight Centre Travel Group
14. Asia Travel
15. HRS – Hotel Reservation Service

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