How Chinese luxury travellers rate travel agents services

Customised travel services are experiencing a surge in popularity, forcing China’s travel agencies to place a strong emphasis on the quality of travel itineraries to retain customers, according to the latest Hurun Report.

More than half of luxury travellers (58 per cent) surveyed have experienced customised travel services. Fifty-five per cent of travellers report that the provision of such services is why they chose one agency over another.

Luxury travellers are partial to travel agencies that provide well-designed itineraries, personalised services, and are actively problem-solving, placing 59 per cent, 55 per cent and 49 per cent of the emphasis on each aspect respectively. The emphasis placed on the problem-solving ability of travel agencies has experienced an 11 per cent increase in two years.

Aspects that respondents felt least satisfied with include poorly-organised itineraries (29 per cent), bad food (24 per cent) and tour guides not meeting expectations (21 per cent).

Best China/Hong Kong/Taiwan outbound luxury travel agencies 2017
Agencies in the Hurun Mainland China Outbound Luxury Travel Agencies 2017 Top 12 ranking include 8 Continents, Diadema, D-Lux*, CITS Amex, HHtravel, My Tour, Magic Travel, Ctrip, Zanadu, CITS, CTS and CYTS.

Agencies in the Hurun Hong Kong Outbound Luxury Travel Agencies 2017 Top 6 include Wincastle Travel, Cathay Pacific Holidays, Charlotte Travel*, American Express, Swire Travel, and Westminster.

Agencies in the Hurun Taiwan Outbound Luxury Travel Agencies 2017 Top 6 include One Style Tour*, Seascape Escape, Let’s Travel*, American Express, International Travel Information Services and Lion Travel.

Agency names are listed alphabetically; * denotes newcomers

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