WTTC urges tourism sector to report sustainability impact

One of the UN Sustainable Development Goals calls on companies to report their ESG impacts

WTTC is calling on companies in the travel and tourism sector to measure, monitor and report their sustainability impact as it launches new guidance on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting for the Travel & Tourism Sector.

Gloria Guevara, president & CEO, WTTC, said: “We know that travel and tourism has a significant role to play in reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and contributing to the inclusive and sustainable growth (the UN Sustainable Development Goals) aspire to.

One of the UN Sustainable Development Goals calls on companies to report their ESG impacts

“Sustainability reporting – that is integrated into financial reports or presented as a separate activity – shows commitment to and progress against these goals. What is more, Goal 12 specifically calls on companies to report their ESG impacts.”

The new WTTC report covers sustainability reporting trends, including that of governments and stock exchanges mandating such reports, and of companies refining reports to be more engaging for audiences.

It also includes a 12-step guide to reporting and specific guidance on how to report on the issues of climate change; community; energy; governance, risk and compliance; supply chain; waste generation and diversion; water; and workforce.

Guevara continued: “Our aim with this guidance is to support companies, large and small, as they take this journey; and provide them with the mechanism to communicate their progress. As a sector which accounts for 10 per cent of the world’s GDP and generates 292 million jobs, we have a responsibility to ensure that growth is sustainable.”

The report is available to download from www.wttc.org/Sustainability-Reporting.

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