US holidays push Panorama Philippines to half a million in sales in Manila

Vuilleumier: Agents entrusted especially when it comes to longer haul holidays

New outbound agency Panorama Holidays Philippines, which aims to specialise in leisure and business events to the US and Europe, claims it has made US$500,000 in sales at the recent three-day consumer travel fair, World Travel Expo in Manila.

Its group managing director, Richard Vuilleumier, said its bestsellers wreathe 10D7N USA East Coast packages and 7D4N USA West Coast packages. For both packages, the company offered two free packages for every two packages purchased.

Vuilleumier: Agents entrusted especially when it comes to longer haul holidays

Vuilleumier said: “It was a successful sales strategy because we knew most holiday makers from the Philippines travel with families. Rooms in the US are large and fit four people as they have two queen-sized beds.

“Being an international company with offices in Malaysia and Vietnam, we believe we can, in time, become a market leader in the Philippines for the longhaul segment specialising in US and Europe due to the fact there are few big competitors. We are able to make bulk purchases from suppliers and get passengers internationally to join our group departures to Europe and US. This gives us an upper hand.”

In Malaysia, Panorama Holidays Malaysia changed its focus last year to concentrate only on the US and European markets. Previously its outbound focus was mainly on shorthaul and mediumhaul destinations.

Vuilleumier’s rationale: “Consumers tend to make their own bookings online for the short and mediumhaul segments. Longhaul tends to be multiple destinations and this is where travel agents still have an advantage. Travellers are not as confident planning their itineraries and making their own bookings. They still rely on an agent.”

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