Airside transfer service to roll into Kuala Lumpur airports

Malaysia Airports Holdings will introduce airside transfer check-in service at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and LCC terminal klia2 from next year.

The new service is expected to provide greater convenience to passengers with onward international destinations as they will not be required to check out their baggage at the point of transit, explained Malaysia Airports Holdings managing director, Badlisham Ghazali, in a Bernama report.

Part of the company’s larger modernisation plans, the transfer will be introduced at both KLIA and klia2. Badlisham also announced that both passengers and their baggage will be transferred free between both terminals.

Ally Bhoonee, executive director of World Avenues, said: “While it is a good improvement in services, there is an operational issue that needs to be addressed. There must also be interlining baggage between different airlines which do not have codeshare agreements. For example, if someone were to travel by Emirates from Dubai to KLIA, then proceeds on to Laos on AirAsia departing from klia2, their bags must be tagged correctly all the way through so that he collects it in the final destination.”

Agreeing, Adam Kamal, manager, Aidil Travel, said: “More international passengers will use airlines flying into Kuala Lumpur if Malaysia Airports can resolve the issue of interlining baggage between two different PNR numbers. The airlines that will benefit are the local carriers. Providing free shuttle services between the two airport terminals makes it very convenient and (saves cost) for passengers.”

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