Travelport offers agents new Business Insights tool


Travelport has launched Travelport Business Insights in the Asia-Pacific region, a solution targeted at travel agencies and corporate organisations.

The technology uses data from an array of travel sources to form predictive analytics before presenting the output on dashboards that highlight key indicators.

It removes the reliance on manually sourcing, organising and interpreting data, states Travelport, and delivers the information to any device and in near real-time.

“Our customers have told us the volume of data available to them is dramatically increasing, as is the time and cost of collating and interpreting the information,” said Mark Meehan, managing director Asia-Pacific at Travelport.

“We have developed Travelport Business Insights to help our customers make key business decisions that can improve revenue, enhance customer service and reduce operational costs by not only aggregating travel data from multiple sources, but transforming the information into insights, providing businesses with a competitive edge.”

The solution is available in three packages catered to organisations of different operational sizes.

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