Agency rides on Pokémon Go craze with Poké itinerary


AUSSIE tour operator Geckos Adventures has taken the Pokémon Go craze to the next level by launching a worldwide trip to catch ‘em all.

The tailor-made, six-week journey, departing on August 28, combines four of Geckos’ most popular itineraries, and will see fans visit Peru, Galapagos Islands, Egypt and Cambodia, amongst other destinations, in search of the virtual creatures.

Intrepid Group’s managing director, James Thornton, said Geckos was using innovative technology and data to predict likely Poké stops and gym locations.

“When Pokémon launched, Geckos Adventures was one of the first travel companies to launch a trip that would take fans to the remotest Poké stops on the planet,” he said.

“We’ve looked at data and been able to make some educated guesses, but for now this is very much an exploratory trip for fans.”

Thornton also said the trip had created a huge amount of buzz in the industry.

“We were inundated with questions from agents on which Pokémon could be found where. We’ve had lots of enquiries about the trip and expect to turn those into bookings once there have been some confirmed sightings of Pikachu at Machu Picchu or Gabite in Giza.”

Prices for Pokémon: Let’s Go start at A$9800 (US$7320) per person, departing from Lima, Peru on August 28 and finishing in Bangkok, Thailand on October 10.

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