Major’s drive to promote domestic, border tourism in Thailand


Vicha Poolvaraluck, chairman of Major Cineplex Group (second from left) and Somrak Kumputch, TAT’s deputy governor for administration (third from left)

THAI cinema chain Major Cineplex Group has joined hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to launch a new Moviecation campaign to promote travel to lesser-known destinations in the country.

Using a lucky draw offering 319 tour packages worth more than two million baht (US$56,202), the Major campaign will feature TAT’s destination picks countrywide under the latter’s 12 Hidden Gems Plus project.

Vicha Poolvaraluck, chairman of Major Cineplex Group, which operates 92 cineplex with more than 600 screens throughout Thailand, expects the campaign to stimulate domestic tourism.

“We have more than three million customers in all our cinemas each month. I hope we can attract more people to travel to secondary destinations in Thailand as campaigned by TAT,” said Vicha.

Welcoming Major’s Moviecation campaign, Rattana Apirakpuwajorn, the owner of Rattana Business and Travel Service in Lampang, one of the destinations listed by TAT, commented: “I hope that the campaign can really bring business into our area. We don’t have that many tourists coming here since this is not a main destination of (northern Thailand) like Chiang Mai.”

As well, Major Cineplex Group, which operates 92 cineplexes with more than 600 screens nationwide, wants to drive overland tourism into Thailand by rolling out more cineplexes along the Thai borders, the group’s chief cinema officer Apichart Kongchai revealed.

This way, the expanded business zones will offer more compelling reasons for tourists from Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia to visit Thailand on day trips or weekend getaways and spend their money on lifestyle attractions like watching movies, Apichart added.

By Nicholas Yong

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