New hotel managers association formed in Indonesia



LEADING Indonesian hoteliers have set up a new professional association, the Indonesian Hotel General Managers Association (IHGMA), which debuted recently in Bali.

The new association, whose members comprise Indonesian hotel managers and general managers, is set up with an aim to improve the quality of hospitality professionals in the country.

Irmansjah Madewa, advisory board member, IHGMA, said: “The explosion of hotel developments in Indonesia (in the last five years or so) has created a big demand for general managers. As a result, we witnessed ‘instant’ managers leading properties, professionals who are not fully ready to take the posts.

“Therefore, we feel the urgent need to improve the competency and capacity of hotel top management.”

Reza Sunardi, chairman, central board, IHGMA, said: “We do not want to improve the quality of Indonesian GMs just to fill job vacancies, but also to enable them to compete internationally.”

According to Reza, the plan is to work together with the Indonesia National Tourism Professional Board and the Hospitality Executive Learning Centre to train and create qualified managers, and in the long run, set up a school to do so.

While creating qualified managers is its main goal, the association also aims to be a place for Indonesian hotel managers to share ideas and solve common problems, as well as becoming a pressure group for the government.

IHGMA’s central board is based in Bali and now has 18 chapters and growing in Indonesia.

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