Variety of rewards key for travel loyalty programmes


MEMBERS of travel loyalty programmes will have an improved redemption experience, increased loyalty and will spend more if presented with a greater variety of reward options, according to research by loyalty solutions provider Collinson Latitude.

The survey of 2,250 airline and hotel loyalty programme members across the US, UK, Middle East and Asia showed that 77 per cent of members who redeemed on non-core rewards inventory continued spending with the brand, while a smaller 71 per cent of members who redeemed on core inventory (flights, rooms etc.) carried on doing so.

“When the breadth of rewards is expanded beyond the core product offerings of flights and hotel stays, we see that member loyalty and spending increases,” said Guy Deslandes, e-commerce sales director, Collinson Latitude.

The availability of a broader choice of rewards is also a key factor when choosing which programme to join.

For 61 per cent of survey respondents, more choice of rewards is specifically sought after, while 71 per cent of respondents indicated that the value of loyalty programmes are diminished if offered a limited range of rewards.

Additionally, almost half (42 per cent) believe that programmes offering only core inventory rewards are dated and old-fashioned.

The study further showed that if members enjoyed their redemption experience, it could turn them into brand advocates with 40 per cent of respondents indicating they would tell friends and family about a programme following a positive redemption experience, while 33 per cent would actively encourage them to join up.

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