Change key to pleasing millennial travellers


THE travel industry needs to keep an open mind and continually adapt in order to cater to the needs of millennial travellers, according to a report by travel search engine Wego.

“It’s not quite as simple as relying on a set of common and rather vague signals, including reliance on travel review sites, the use of metasearch, mobile usage, social media and continuous connectivity,” said Rick Mulia, chief advertising and sales officer at Wego.

“Travel reviews are popular, however millennials are far more influenced by family and friends when it comes to making travel choices,” he added, saying that many of the common beliefs about millennial travellers may be misinformed.

For instance, they are value hunters who look for comforts at reasonable prices, rather than being extremely budget conscious to forego premium amenities. As such, premium economy airline seats cater specifically to the millennial traveller, according to Wego, as they are affordable, yet offers a more comfortable flight experience.

“No matter what, if you’re in the business of travel it’s imperative you consistently evolve and deliver fresh experiences that provide great value, and approach your marketing strategies in the same manner,” said Mulia.

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