Hoshinoya Fuji resort endorses the glamp life

GLAMPING is coming to Japan with the opening on October 30 of Hoshinoya Fuji resort.

The first luxury camping facility in Japan is operated by Hoshino Resorts and will be amid the forests looking out over Lake Kawaguchi-ko and Mount Fuji, west of Tokyo.

The 40 guest cabins, between 44m2 and 53m2, will operate year-round, clustered around a campfire on the Cloud Terrace.

“This is the fifth property under the Hoshinoya brand and we are leveraging the marketing experience we have developed for promoting our other properties,” Haruka Izutani, a spokeswoman for Hoshino Resorts, told TTG Asia e-Daily.

“In addition to our promotion efforts in the domestic market, we are actively promoting Hoshinoya Fuji overseas.”

Japanese holidaymakers who may have opted for high-end hotels at foreign destinations are now choosing to travel within Japan and the hotel aims to appeal to that sector of the market, in tandem with foreign visitors looking to experience a unique part of the country, she added.

Hoshinoya Fuji’s restaurant is enclosed by a grove of red pines, while meals can also be taken around the campfire or on the balcony of a guest’s cabin. Hot drinks and petit fours will be served at the library café, and meetings can be held on the terrace.

The venue is also planning to run early-morning yoga sessions in the forest.

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