Daegu becomes third Asian city to win bid for World Gas Conference

TRIUMPHING over strong rivals Norway, Russia and China, the South Korean city of Daegu has bagged hosting rights to the world’s largest energy convention.

The World Gas Conference (WGC) 2021 is expected to see more than 6,000 gas experts, officials and scholars from 90 countries in attendance, while a conference component will feature 15,000 exhibitors and visitors.

Daegu will be the third Asian city to play host to the event, which was previously held in Kuala Lumpur in 2012 and Tokyo in 2003.

According to a press statement from the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau, Daegu’s experience in hosting the World Energy Congress last year – another prominent energy convention – had “partially paved the way for WGC’s arrival in 2021”.

Other reasons for Daegu’s successful bid include its burgeoning reputation as a green energy city and the establishment of Korea Gas Corporation’s (KOGAS) headquarters there.

Last November, the Daegu Metropolitan City, KOGAS, the Korean Gas Union, shipbuilders and industrial plants launched the WGC Bidding Committee. They visited fifty member countries, while diplomatic emissaries met with each country’s government and gas officials to gain support for South Korea as host destination. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy also met with foreign government officials to support promotion activities.

According to KOGAS, the conference is expected to generate some 120 billion won (US$113.8 million) in added value and the employment of 2,500 people in the local economy.

Dong-Myung Ha, director of the Korean Institute of Gas, believes the event will bolster South Korea’s presence in the energy industry.

Daegu mayor, Young Jin-Gwon, echoed these sentiments, saying: “We will do our best to prepare for a successful WGC 2021. We’ll keep expanding convention infrastructure and hosting more international events to make Daegu an international meeting destination.”

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