PATA Singapore gathers industry veterans to groom next generation

THE PATA Singapore Chapter launched the Travel Industry Pioneers (TIPSTER) initiative last night night to harness the collective knowledge and experience of active and retired industry veterans to attract and groom a new generation.

Robin Yap, PATA Singapore Chapter deputy chairman and chairman of activities, told TTG Asia e-Daily about 60 members and supporters signed up for the PATA Singapore Chapter’s Walk with Travel Industry Pioneers, supported by The Travel Corporation (TCC).

The Singapore chapter plans to launch the Young Industry Professionals (YIPPIES) group next month, using TCC’s database to target those who have travelled on Contiki and are working in the industry.

Yap said: “The aim is to bring the two groups together in a forum to discuss how the industry can attract and groom a new generation, and we hope to reach out to at least 100 YIPPIES.”

“While the young have new ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s important for them to have a good foundation to produce products that the market wants and they can sell.

“Learning from the TIPSTERs about operations, challenges and opportunities, we hope will give YIPPIES a better insight,” he added.

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