Brand USA Taiwan Advisory Council established to brainstorm promotions

BRAND USA has set up the first Brand USA Taiwan Advisory Council (BTAC), an integrated marketing body purposed to create strategies and programmes to promote the US among Taiwanese travellers.

Established in collaboration with the American Institute in Taiwan, BTAC is helmed by Brand USA Taiwan and Hong Kong managing director, Reene Ho-Phang, as chairperson.

Members include representatives from United Airlines, Delta Airlines, China Airlines, Eva Air, Hertz, Phoenix Tours, Lion Travel, Colatour, ezTravel and ezfly.

Scheduled to meet on a quarterly basis, the new body held its first meeting in March to exchange ideas on how to better promote the US to the Taiwanese market.

An idea raised was the possibility of producing and placing outdoor advertisements on public transportation and billboards.

Raymond Chang, general manager of Taiwan & Korea for Delta Airlines, also wanted Brand USA to organise a mega fam for Taiwanese travel consultants.

“With this experience, the industry will be better equipped with knowledge to develop and customise more comprehensive travel itineraries that will suit diverse needs,” he remarked.

Taiwan joined the US Visa Waiver Program in 2012, resulting in a 35 per cent increase in Taiwanese arrivals to the US in the first three quarters of 2013.

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