GBTA grows second China conference

GBTA forecasts point to China becoming the world’s top corporate travel market by 2016 and its China conference, being held for the second time in Shanghai, is recommended for the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOE).

Jin Jiang International Hotels, an SOE and GBTA’s China conference partner, has paved the way for the Shanghai municipal government to recommend the conference for China’s SOEs, said Welf Ebeling, GBTA vice president, operations, Asia Pacific.

GBTA is expecting 230 participants at its 2014 China conference with a 50:50 buyer-seller ratio, compared to 181 participants in 2013 and a 40:60 buyer-seller ratio.

GBTA has also formed an education partnership with renowned Fudan University and Wang Yonggang will be delivering the second keynote address on Top-level Design, Technology Innovations and Growth of China’s Business Travel Industry.

GBTA president Donna Kelliher’s keynote address is themed Can Business Travel Management be Truly Global?, while Michael McCormick, executive director and COO, will deliver the 2014 H1 GBTA Business Travel Index report, sponsored by VISA.

McCormick said: “Over the past few years, GBTA has expanded its presence across the globe and bringing this conference back to China is a great opportunity to discuss doing business in China from both a local and expatriate viewpoint.”

Ebeling added: “The programme for this year has been designed by a panel of local travel managers and industry experts focusing on the needs of China’s fast growing business travel industry. At the same time having the entire GBTA US Board of Directors participating adds a global perspective and vast international expertise that will benefit all conference attendees.”

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