Guangzhou ramps up publicity for 72-hour visa-free transits

THE Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality (TAGM) is stepping up publicity on the 72-hour visa-free transit facility at Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport, after opening the scheme to six more countries since it was first introduced in August 2013.

The six countries are: Serbia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.

TAGM executive director, Li Zhi Xin, said: “I believe this could be open to more countries in the future to help Guangzhou attract more high-end business travellers to come for meetings and exhibitions.”

“The availability of this 72-hour visa-free facility until now is not well known, so we need to promote it more strongly.”

In line with this, Li said more facilities would be added, service levels improved, and new tour products created, adding that high-end and theme park tours of between one and three days are being developed to cater to transit visitors.

Brochures in several languages are available and include information on the 72-hour visa-free facility, flight information, suggested tours, attractions, hotels, dining, golf, shopping, and transportation.

TAGM department of marketing and promotion executive, Su Bin, said TAGM hopes international travellers visiting Hong Kong and Macau in the Pearl River Delta would also include Guangzhou as a result of the 72-hour visa-free facility.

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