Crystal eyes Asian luxury cruisers

LUXURY cruise line Crystal Cruises is out to net more Asian travellers who are strapped for time with its new and shorter itineraries.

The international six-star luxury cruise operator’s calendar for 2014-2015 includes shorter cruise programmes, one of which is a new 14-day itinerary around Asia, beginning and ending in Singapore. Sailing next March, Crystal Symphony will call at ports in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. All cruises up to April 2015 are available for booking.

Mimi Weisband, vice president of public relations for Crystal Cruises, said: “We want to expand our market and offer more choices to those who may be new to Crystal Cruises…There may be people who are short on time but still need a good getaway, so this is perfect for them.”

About 70 per cent of Crystal’s passengers are North American while the rest are international, with Asians being the fastest growing group, she observed.

“We are especially excited about the growth from Singapore as we had 21 per cent more Singaporean guests in 2013 compared to 2012,” said Weisband.

Helena Ow, general manager, Prime Cruise Asia, the appointed cruise specialist for Crystal Cruises in Singapore, said: “We have experienced double-digit growth with Crystal every year, with a minimum of 30 per cent.

“Customers know the brand and there is increasing awareness among them on the premier services available among cruises,” she added.

Crystal’s two ships, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, sail around the world on itineraries that can go up to 100 days.

Larger than their six-star luxury counterparts with a capacity of 1,000 guests each, Crystal Symphony offers 461 staterooms with sizes ranging 18.8-91m2, while Crystal Serenity’s rooms are bigger from 21-125m2.

Ships include entertainment by Tony Award-winning artistes and Broadway and West End performers, a golf driving range and putting greens featuring PGA golf instructors and clinics, and an upscale shopping arcade, among other options.

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