AAPA slams Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme

THE European Union’s (EU) Emissions Trading Scheme came under fire today at the opening of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines’ (AAPA) 56th Assembly of Presidents.

Andrew Herdman, director general, AAPA, told members in his welcome address that the association would continue to be outspoken in criticising the EU for overreaching its authority.

He said: “Bulldozing has never proved to be an effective foreign policy tool. A global industry like aviation needs a coherent global approach, and the place to develop such policies is through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

“The alternative would be disastrous ­– a patchwork of overlapping national schemes and punitive taxes.”

Herdman said AAPA was waiting for the results of the ICAO Council meeting on climate change and aviation, to be held in Montreal today, before deciding on its next move.

Meanwhile, Tony Tyler, director general and CEO of IATA, warned of the risk of a trade war.

“Russia is already taking retaliatory measures. To move forward, the Europeans must find a way to relieve the political pressure so ICAO can make the progress that is needed in time for the 2013 ICAO Assembly, which is less than a year away,” Tyler said.

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